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Our mission is simple: We restore classic movies and TV Shows thanks to our proprietary AI solution, RINNUVA that enables seamless upscaling of Standard Definition movies (SD) to High Definition (HD) and 4K while significantly enhancing the images and sound of these films.  RINNUVA reduces or even eleiminate film grain, scratches and other defects while improving contrast and colors as well as sound, converting mono sound-tracks into stereo with Dolby encoding.  We can also provide colorization via our COLORIZA technology, an AI assisted colorization solution for films and TV shows.  Furthermore, we developed a unique stylization solution, STILIZA (aka ComicFlick)  that converts any film or video projects into a new visual experience appealing to gamers and anime lovers. 

Since our inception, one and half year ago, we have released over 170+ movies and TV shows that have been restored, enhanced and released on some of the main  streaming channels including Amazon, TUBI, FilmRise, ROKU and more (click here to view some of these projects in our VIMEO studio)

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About Us

The Last Picture Show(TM) is a cutting edge, highly technical and debt free Art-Tech startup using, AI combined with our expertise and ingenuity to transform classic movies and TV shows into beautifully restored projects in full HD and 4K.  Furthermore, with an eye toward global distribution, we can deliver any projects with subtitles in most languages and/or our M&E for local dubbing. 

Our current library includes over 170 fully restored movies and many TV shows.   All these projects are distributed in the US through well established distributors. 

Our current plan is to offer our projects internationally by partnering with local streaming platforms or TV networks in several countries. Specifically we are exploring options in Asia, Europe and Latin America where we can offer movies with English dialogue for sub-titling and/or dubbed into the local language thanks to our ability to deliver the M&E for each project.  

If you are an international distributor or network representative, we invite you to review our Power Point Presentation or contact us.  We will be at the American Film Market (AFM) in Las Vegas in 2024 and look forward to meeting you.

For licensing information contact us at inquiries @ 

or call us at +1 702-574-6212