Angel and the Badman movie Poster

ANGEL AND THE BADMAN – 1947 WETERN FILM STARRING JOHN WAYNE & GAIL RUSSELL “Angel and the Bad Man” is a 1947 Western film starring John Wayne and Gail Russell. The movie was directed by James Edward Grant and was released by Republic Pictures..  The film is a classic Western


EASY VIRTUE – 1928 MOVIE DIRECTED BY ALFRED HITCHCOCK After directing the film adaptation of Downhill, Gainsborough convinced Hitchcock that he should lead another play to film adaptation, this time for the play Easy Virtue. This play was also one of Noel Cowards’ creations, so it was a no-brainer to pair it


DOWNHILL – 1927 MOVIE DIRECTED BY ALFRED HITCHCOCK Downhill, otherwise known as “When Boys Leave Home” in the United States, is a silent film released in 1927 based on the play, Downhill. When released, it became the fourth film for the now renowned director Alfred Hitchcock. It is incredible to


BLACKMAIL – 1929 MOVIE DIRECTED BY ALFRED HITCHOCK A quick glance into classic film history will return one name repeatedly, Alfred Hitchcock. Even the most novice cinema fan will have a few Hitchcock movies they can easily throw out to solidify their knowledge of film history. Most of the time,


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2020 did one thing that could be seen as a silver lining in what is otherwise a dumpster fire of a year, it gave us time. Time to sit and think, dwell on our life, binge watch television or finally read that book we have been staring at on our


Kevin Costner is one of those actors that people tend to forget about these days. I have no idea why when the subject of “who is the best actor” Costner is always looked over. Okay, maybe “best” actor is stretching things a little, but some of the roles that he


Many children in grade school must read Jack London’s book “Call of the Wild.” Due to this requirement, fans of the book continue to grow with each passing grade. Fans will remember the ugly truth about nature London lays out on each page. The acts of violence, along with multiple


What exactly is cryptocurrency anyways? You may be one of the many individuals out there who are wondering this very question. Well, you’re in luck because this article is tailored specifically to you and all of my fellow less-than-tech-savvy individuals out there. Many of you may already know that the


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The web provides us with free access to all the world’s information. Whether you want to learn to build a robot, or you want the answer to a pub quiz, the information will be available somewhere online for you to use. The only problem? Turning that pure data and information


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