7 Best Episodes of Supernatural

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Supernatural recently ended after a tremendous 15 year run, and fans everywhere instantly became nostalgic of the early episodes. Many took to social media stating that they are starting from the beginning and re-watching the entire run just to get more of the Winchester brothers. Few shows have created a fan base that is as ravenous as this one. It is rare to find someone who just “likes” the show. You either find someone who didn’t care for it at all, or they want to tell you everything they love about the show. One of the things that made this such a fantastic show is the story driven narrative along with the occasional “monster of the week” episodes. Throwing in the “monster of the week” stories helped to let the overall story of the season breathe and keep from becoming stale. Naturally, a show that spans over 15 years has had some amazing episodes. Here are 7 of the best episodes that Supernatural ever produced. Carry on.  

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Devil’s Trap, Season 1, Episode 22 

When we are first introduced to the Winchester brothers, they are on a search for their father. Throughout the entire first season, that is the ultimate goal. In this episode the entire season comes to a head in true Supernatural fashion. There are some great moments in this episode but the main reason it is on this list, is that this is when we are introduced to Bobby Singer.  

Lebanon, Season 14, Episode 13 

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One thing that this show makes abundantly clear over and over again, is that family is everything. In this episode we get to see, all though it is only for a short time, what it would have been like had the Winchesters been able to live a normal life. If you shed tears easily, is one of the episodes that will turn on the water works.  

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Swan Song, Season 5, Episode 22 

Any lover of this show had to know that this episode would show up on the list somewhere. Swan Song hits every beat of the series, but ultimately what makes this one of the best is the ultimate show down between good and evil. There is so much that goes on in this episode and the sacrifice that family makes in order to not only save each other, but also the world is full of heart and emotion.  

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Baby, Season 11, Episode 4 

An episode that shines the light on the true star of the show, Baby. The Impala is what really drives the show, pun intended. Seeing an episode through the eyes of the car is truly a bold and artistic approach to television and one that I have not seen done successfully with any other show. There were a lot of fantastic shots that were mostly stationary since the episode was being filmed as if it was from the car’s perspective. The music was cut as well and at times there was a lot of “out-of-scene” noises to fill the air. This was one of the most watched episodes of the entire series. IGN rater it a 9.8 out of 10 and TV FANATIC gave it a 4.9 out of 5.  

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The Monster at The End of This Book, Season 4, Episode 18 

Chuck is one of the characters that most people really liked when the show first introduced him in this episode, but as things went on…let’s just say he was less than loved. The almost breaking of the fourth wall that is done here is so clever and fun that it earns it place on this list. Giving the viewers a glimpse into what the Winchesters would say and feel about the vast fandom that they have created, is so funny and unique.  

Lazarus Rising, Season 4, Episode 1  

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A show that is about family, and a family that is ever expanding. One of the things that holds this entire series together is the relationships that is built over time between the brothers and their chosen family. One of the most influential of these surrogate family members is Castiel. An angle who pulls Dean literally from hell. Cas became a fan favorite and as the show went on his character became more and more detrimental to the survival of the boys as well as the world. 

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Yellow Fever, Season 4, Episode 6 

I am sure a lot of people will say that this is absurd to place Yellow Fever on a best of list for the show. The fact is that this show had the perfect amount of drama, horror and comedy mixed in. Not every episode was packed full of comic relief, but this episode is one that causes me to laugh uncontrollably every time I watch it. In fact, when putting this list together and pulling images, I laughed at Deans face in the photo. Not only is the episode hilarious, it is also full of suspense and tension as Sam and Bobby race to find a way to cure Dean before he dies of fear.  

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