The Last Picture Show


Creepshow: All Hallows Eve

Season 1, Episode 3 Halloween is full of mischief and mayhem all around the country, but for one small town it is more than just tricks they are given.   The episode starts in true Creepshow fashion, with the Creep. While carving a pumpkin with Night of the Living Dead playing in the background, the doorbell rings. It is a trick-or-treater …

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Creep Show

Season 1: Episodes 1 and 2  Stephen King and George A. Romero are responsible for bringing the world horrific tales of terror and suspense as well as spawning genres all on their own. When the two came together to create the anthology horror movie Creepshow in 1982, it was no surprise that it instantly became a cult classic. …

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Tales from the Crypt

Season 1: Episode 1  The 1980s brought so many excellent horror movies. When thinking back on the 80s horror genre, most will drift to the Jason’s and Freddy’s of the decade. While there is no issue with this, it is unfortunate that one of the excellent anthology series is often forgotten. I am, of course, …

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Movie Reboots and Remakes

“Hollywood has run out of good ideas” is almost a slogan anymore for any movie or television buff who things they have something to say. The statement may be true to a certain extent and it does feel like we are seeing more and more of the same stories re-hashed in different ways but sometimes, …

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Top Ten Adult Animated Shows

Adult animation is nothing new. Adults have watched animated movies since animation has been a thing, some of which have become cult classics. Heavy Metal (1981) Wizards (1977) and Akira (1988) are just a few that come to mind. Seeing how Animated movies did so well, it was a no-brainer to air animated shows that …

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Top Ten Best Episodes of The Office

The American version of The Office is considered to be one of the greatest comedies of the last 20 years. It may have premiered in 2005, but it crossed generations when it was released on Netflix. It helped to spawn the careers of multiple stars such as Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, John Krasiniski, Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling, B.J Novak, and Ed Helms, just to name a …

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