2021 Movies to be Excited About

2021 has a lot of making up to do since so many places were shut down in 2020. There will be a lot of movies coming out this year that should get film buffs of every genre and level excited. Here is a list of movies coming out this year that we think you should all be excited for.  

Raya and the Last Dragon- March 5th 

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-A Disney film set in a world where humans and dragons once lived together until all the dragons sacrificed themselves to save the humans. 500 years later Raya must find the last dragon and fight off the same monsters that destroyed the dragons years ago.  

Coming 2 America- March 5th  

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A sequel to the cult classing “Coming to America”, Akeem must come back to the united State to find his newly learned about son and try to form a relationship with him.  

A Quiet Place II- April 23rd 

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Writer and Director John Krasinski returns to the Abbot family now facing the terrors of the outside world without their husband and father.   

Black Widow- May 7th 

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Set after Captain America: Civil War, this film focuses on Natasha Romanoff confronting her past.  

Godzilla vs. Kong- May 21st 

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An epic battle between two of the most feared and loved monsters in the universe.  

Cruella- May 28th  

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A new interpretation of a classic villain staring Emma Stone.  

Ghostbusters: Afterlife- June 11th  

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After moving to a small town, a single mother and her two children begin to learn about a connection their grandfather left behind.  

Venom: Let There Be Carnage- June 25th  

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Starring Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson, this sequel will bring Carnage to to theaters everywhere.  

Top Gun: Maverick- July 2nd  

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Proving once again it is never too late for a good sequel, Top Gun: Maverick will fly into theaters later this year.  

Candyman – August 27th  

A classic horror film with a modern touch, Candyman was written by Jordan Peele (US) and directed by Nia DaCosta  

Three Thousand Years of Longing- September 2021 

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Written and directed by Mad Max creator George Miller, this film is said to be the “opposite of Fury Road” and is about a woman finding a Djinn who grants her three wishes.  

The Many Saints of Newark- September 24th  

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A coming-of-age story surrounding New Jersey gangster, Tony Soprano  

Dune- October 1st  

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The latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s book of the same name  

Spider-Man: No Way Home– December 17th  


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Not much has been said about the third instalment of Spider-Man’s current franchise.   

The Matrix 4- December 22nd  

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The plot is still unknown for this sequel. What is known is that Keanu Reeves will return as well as director Lana Wachowski.  

There of course will be more movies pop up throughout the year, and this is not a complete list of movies to be released, these are just the ones we are currently most excited about.  

Written exclusively for TheLastPicture.Show by Jacob Ruble

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