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Creepshow: The Companion

Season 1 Episode 4  One thing that will always be creepy is a scarecrow. Sure, there can be cute ones at times that folks love to look at or even singing ones who wished they had a brain. But if you even took those cute ones and placed them in the middle of an old field …

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Director: Rex IngramWriter: June MathisBased on the book:The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Vicente Blasco Ibanez.Composer: Louis F. GottschalkReleased: March 6, 1921Budget: $800,000Box Office: $9.2 millionCast:Rudolph ValentinoBridgetta ClarkPomeroy CannonAlice TerryJosef SwickardWallace Beery Breakdown:  The film opens with the story of Madariaga, “The Centaur.” The Centaur is a self-made millionaire in Argentine. Making his fortune in …

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Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying

Details:Directed by Stanley KubrickWritten by Stanley Kubrick, Terry Southern, and Peter GeorgeBased on the book Red Alert by Peter GeorgeMusic by Laurie Johnson Cast:Peter SellersSlim PickensTracy ReedGeorge C. ScottKeenan WynnSterling HaydenBudget: $1.8 millionBox office: $9.4 million There are few movies that one HAS to see. Dr. Strangelove is at the top of the must-see movie …

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Metropolis (1927) Review

Details:Directed by: Fritz LangWritten by:Thea von HarbouFritz LangCast:Alfred AbelBrigitte HelmGustav FrohlichRudolf Klein-RoggeMusic by Gottfried HuppertzReleased: 1927 Breakdown:  The future is glorious and filled with fun and idle play unless you are a worker. In the megacity of Metropolis, equality is non-existent. On the surface, the wealthy elite spends their time pleasing and living in grand …

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Chopping Mall

80s horror movies have a cult following like no other genre. We will search out each and every film we possibly can, and if we like that film, we will learn everything about it and who worked on it so we can see what other works they have. This was the case with writer and …

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