The Last Picture Show


COLORIZA uses advance algorithm and artificial intelligence paired with a huge data base of images to accurately convert black and white images into colors.  Our system analyzes single images within a scene or sequence and matches the best reference image and color sample to render a realistic looking images that match how it would have looked would have looked in color.  Historical and geographical elements are also used to render this process as close to reality as possible.  However, our goal is to eliminate the “old movie” look since colors never change.

The COLORIZA process is a very long and tedious computer driven process that is based on AI searching and matching a full database of color images with videos images to find the best possible match.  While we’ve run many tests and found ways to greatly improve the AI matching process we are still working on the algorithm to perfect the colorization process.  Our plans is to have a sample project within the next 2 months so stay tune to see what’s coming.  COLORIZA is an integral process of The Last Picture Show STILIZA process (to know more click here)

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